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Assistive Technology Solutions, Inc (ATS.Solutions) is a mobility solutions company that utilizes a dynamic quick-to-market product development model and ongoing product optimization implementing new design changes into each production run. The learnings from customer experiences are also implemented into the design specs for the ATS.Solutions Remote Mobility Monitoring (R2M) System and ATS.Solutions SmartCane. We strive to provide ground breaking solutions and tools for people who have limited mobility and their caregivers.

ATS.Solutions was founded by medical device entrepreneurs David Smith and Kirk Zeller and is incubated at the Silicon Prairie Center.  ATS.Solutions is developing  a Remote Mobility Monitoring system, R2M, to allow caregivers to monitor patients remotely enabling patients to stay safe longer in their home setting as well as monitoring their activity while in assisted living and nursing homes.  Patient motion is a valuable indicator of overall health and well being.

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